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Illinois Eavesdropping Act

The Illinois Eavesdropping Act makes it illegal to record someone without their consent –generally.  A number of various exceptions do exist.  There are not only criminal penalties for violating the law, but civil remedies as well.  Malatesta Law Offices is handling two  cases that involve the Act either directly or indirectly.  In one case our client was secretly video recorded without her consent.   Our firm filed suit, in part claiming violation of the Act.  In another matter a witness was recorded in an attempt to obtain evidence against our client.  The admissibility of this evidence, and the interpretation of the Act will impact each case.  A recent Cook County case involving the Chicago Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division provides an interesting look at the Act, and how a jury might view  and consider it.  woman_acquitted_of_secretly_taping.phplocal&id=8325439. local&id=8325439

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