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Civil Litigation?

I sometimes wonder why they call our practice civil litigation.  Most of the time there is nothing civil about it.  We are supposed to be professionals, but I think far too many in our profession treat their adversaries with such a lack of respect and so much animosity.  I don’t understand it.  You can be a strong advocate for your client without treating your opponent terribly or bending the rules.  Arguments should be made before Judge or Jury, not outside the Courtroom.  I had a very good experience on trial recently.  Counsel argued vehemently for his client, and I mine. However, we were courteous outside of court and during the trial. Concessions were made by both sides when necessary and the case argued on the merits.  It made the long process and hard work of a trial much easier.  No one is going to get along with everyone all the time, but we should work on being more professional in our profession.

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