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Finished the week with a successful trial.  Two car accident, multiple head trauma and a wrongful death action.  After leaving a bar Plaintiffs were injured when he intoxicated driver they were traveling with crashed his car into a dump truck.  … Continue reading

Firm News

Ken Malatesta interviewed for an ESPN documentary about the murder of former basketball star Ben Wilson. He was the prosecutor on the case. Should be a great film. Will post again when the film comes out

Illinois Eavesdropping Act

The Illinois Eavesdropping Act makes it illegal to record someone without their consent –generally.  A number of various exceptions do exist.  There are not only criminal penalties for violating the law, but civil remedies as well.  Malatesta Law Offices is … Continue reading

Civil Unions

Civil Unions in Illinois will greatly impact the practice of law in the State.  The practice of Family Law will be the most impacted, but this will not be the only area that we will see changes.  Interesting article in … Continue reading

Great Piece in the Sun in August    

“Hot Coffee”

I encourage everyone to watch the recent documentary “Hot Coffee” for an interesting perspective on tort law in our country.  I think cases are often distorted in so many ways.  Frivolous law suits exist, there is no doubt, but there … Continue reading